Events & Activities

Portuguese wine producers in Israel


Portugal on Wheels

Celebration diner to the appointment of Mr. Michael Itzhar Belachovsky as Honorary Consul of Portugal in Israel, Tel-Aviv District.

Breakfast with the Ambassador of Portugal – Jorge Cabral

Promoting tourism to North Portugal

This project seeks to establish ongoing and diverse relationships on all things wine related between Israeli and Portuguese business with an added focus on wine tourism. The project bidirectional and mutual activities towards stimulating bilateral trade.

Lotem’s former CEO Mr. Yonatan Koren, His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Joao Bernardo Weinstein and Commercial Attaché Ms. Irith Freudenheim

Delegation from Pinto Lopes Viagens – visiting IMTM, February 2018. Mr. Samuel Tapada and Ms. Marta Marques, Mr. Michael Itzhar Belachovsky and Ms. Irith Freudenheim, Commercial Attaché at the Embassy of Portugal

Promoting business relations: A visit to the Douro Valley

Twin Wineries Project

Launching the “Twin Wineries Project” in collaboration with the Commercial Attaché at the Embassy of Portugal in Israel. Twinning boosted wine import-export activities between Portugal and Israel.

A delegation of Portuguese winemakers visiting local Israeli wineries for an up-close look at Israeli innovation and technology. This was part of the mutually beneficial “twinned wineries” project initiated and led by Mr. Michael Itzhar Belachovsky, former president of the Israel-Portugal Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Yonatan Koren, former CEO of the Lotem Organic Winery.

Launching direct EL AL flights to Lisbon

The direct Tel Aviv to Lisbon flight by Israeli national airline EL AL enables tourists and business people easy access to Lisbon

Launching new direct Tel Aviv Lisbon flight. Mr. Michael Strasseburger, EL AL VP Marketing with Commercial Attaché Ms. Irith Freudenheim and our Honorary President Mr. Michael Itzhar Belachovsky, former president of the Israel Portugal Chamber of Commerce

Future Events

Post C-19

  • Twin Wineries project
  • Annual delegation of entrepreneurs to Portugal
  • Conference in Israel
  • Hosting delegations (parliament members, wine makers, entrepreneurs)
  • Israeli students meeting young entrepreneurs in Portugal
  • Producing celebratory Portuguese Independence Day event